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Pilot Project: 1000 Hills Community Helpers

The 1000 Hills Community Helpers project was established by Dawn Leppan in 1989 by starting up a community feeding program.

In response to the needs of the community, Dawn made an urgent appeal for help to constructed its own community care comprising a health and wellness clinic, children’s infirmary, education and development facility, to be known as “Ikhaya Lo Thando” ("Home of Love").

"Our initial goal is to create a facility in the Inchanga area in the form of a Child Development Centre & Outreach Centre which will provide- Medical care in the form of a clinic staffed by nurses trained in specialised HIV/Aids care in partnership with Charishealth" - Dawn Leppan - Founder

Dawn Lepan with Charisahealth's Terry Wild

CharisHealth Wellness accepted the challenge!:

  • By establishing and equiping training facilities, and providing  advanced teaching technology, software, and materials.

  • By arranging training for staff recruited from the local community as Nursing Assistants;

  • Design, construction, and operational planning of the new clinc, wellness clinic, childrens infirmary and other facilites.

  • Fundraising  activities: TV, Newspapers, Banks, Etc.


Completed in 2008, “Ikhaya Lo Thando” continues to provide essential services to the local community.


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