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CharisHealth Wellness joins with financial institutions, foundations, NGOs, faith-based organizations, and indigenous enterprises to ensure long term sustainability and to enable healthcare, term care and medications for the poor and disenfranchised.

Our ability to deliver results is made possible through cross-sector initiatives, which combined the resources of multiple public and private organizations.

Our work in South Africa has benefited tremendously from input on many fronts, particularly from Archbishop Mthethwa, President Jacob Zuma, his Majesty King Goodwill, Mrs Yaki and Mrs NP Nkonyeni (Speaker, and former KZN MEC for Health), affectionately known to all, as Peggy. CharisHealth Wellnessis is the personal initiative of President Zuma and Archbishop Mthethwa. All share our passion for the delivery of services into vulnerable communities.

CharisHealth Wellness was a major contributor to the Department of Social Development HIV and AIDS and STI Strategic Plan for South Africa, 2007-2011. derived from our research and operational experiences in KZN, namely, Isipingo,  Melmoth, Nongoma, Valley of 1000 Hills.

In addition to his several responsibilities serving on regional and national government committees and agencies, Archbishop Mthethwa is the global head of the St. John's Apostolic Church. We are pleased to have the Archbishop and Jacob Zuma's son, Duduzane Zuma, as senior members of the CharisHealth team.

Our international team of scientific, medical, religious, community and business advisors, provides direction and guidance in the critical assessment and application of our Healthcare and Social Welfare systems that are currently being deployed across South Africa.  

The work of facilitating and improving humanitarian outreach programs begins with careful collaboration and respect for the key goals of all prospective partners.

Donor organizations and individuals expect results and that money goes to helping people and providing care. CharisHealth Wellness realises the importance of coordinating programs with funding agency goals and objectives. We are committed to providing accurate, open and sustained reporting to all partner and donor organizations. By maintaining effective and affordable  programs, public and private organisations see higher yields for their investment both in the number of patients treated relative to cost and in the continued sustainability of independent projects.

Only a unified effort by many players can suitably impact the health crisis in Africa and around the globe. At the same time, the utmost care must be taken to ensure care is delivered in a lean and focused campaign. First and foremost, our  approach means cutting through barriers and making life sustaining services available in real terms.





It is important that government partner community and service stakeholders such as CharisHealth if we are to realise affordable and effective care in our communities. We do not have a magic wand or unlimited resources and so must harness the opportunity to benefit from their knowledge, experience and expertise."

 President Jacob Zuma.

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