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CharisHealth Wellness develops relationships with key government agencies, hospitals, NGO's, academic institutions, scientific and medical research centres, and General Practitioners in South Africa, USA and Europe in order to stimulate an "Out of Africa" approach to Healthcare and Term Care. CharisHealth Wellness has developed a innovative approach to provide and communities with trained individuals, clinics, housing and other resources to mobilise the frontline against inadequate service delivery.

Combining a community and family-based delivery system with practical training, nutritional support, and social development, we can achieve major progress in transforming a stale, overburdened healthcare framework into a living system that overcomes the hurdles to success in South Africa. The CharisHealth Wellness comprehensive, holistic and systematic approach brings together the very best in conventional and traditional care - with a human face.

As with any project, "Proof of Concept" is paramount. CharisHealth Wellness chose the Valley of 1000 Hills to demonstrate its system. 1000 Hills Community Helpers was looking to consolidate and develop its existing feeding and clinic programs.

CharisHealth Wellness took an active roll in their management, directing and participating in planning, development, construction, fund raising, education and training, in-house and home based community care. Today, their project, “Ikhaya Lo Thando” is sustainable and operated by 1000 Hills Community Helpers using locacl community resources.

CharisHealth Wellness is currently working with communities in KZN, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces in South Africa.



Older Persons Act, 2006 (Act No. 13 of 2006)

To deal effectively with the plight of older persons by establishing a framework aimed at the empowerment and protection of older persons and at the promotion and maintenance of their status, rights, well-being, safety and security; and to provide for matters connected therewith.




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