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Our Approach

Simply stated, service delivery is the key. When effective services are available to communities and families this simple reality is a catalyst for change.

CharisHealth Wellness disseminates responsibility and management for service delivery to the local community where needs can be accurately identified and service delivery directed. To achieve this goal, the local community needs to be empowered to coordinate NPO’s, property developers, faith based organisations, governmental agencies and other resources.

The impoverished,  disabled, retired, and chronically ill, enduring debilitating illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, immobility, and malnutrition, represent the vulnerable elements of our society.

Whilst governmental authorities endeavour to provide centralised support, inevitably, service delivery to vulnerable elements often falls short of expectations. Limited resources, bureaucracy, mistrust, and economic factors translate into inadequate healthcare, term care and access to medications.

Educating and training individuals in communities rather than deploying individuals from outside those communities overcomes mistrust and ensures that needs are accurately identified, short and long term service delivery is focused, and property development is appropriate.

Reaching into communities.

  • The development, construction and management of Community Centres, Healthcare and Affordable Term Care Facilities, Retirement Complexes, Schools, and Community Housing;

  • SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) accredited training in Project Management, Financial Accountability, Nutrition, Agriculture, IT technology, Nursing and Caregiving, and other essential skills. The recognition and accrediation of prior learning;

  • Developing relationships with mainline medical institutions to refer complex cases and/or pathology beyond our clinical scope;

  • Work collaboratively with the network of faith-based organizations and NGO's to leverage their localised knowledge and experience of communities in communal/economic transformation projects.

In our experience these key factors are driven to the forefront when real delivery becomes available. More importantly, the reality of delivery must work its way into the tissue of communal recognition. It's this shared recognition that is paramount.

Making a difference ultimately means more than knowing it takes hard work for such goals to see the light of day. It's about doing until you see the light in someone else's eyes.




 South African Qualifications Authority

SAQA must develop and implement policy and criteria, after consultation with the QCs for the development, registration and publication of qualifications and part-qualifications.

SAQA must register a qualification or part-qualification recommended by a QC if it meets the relevant criteria;

SAQA must develop policy and criteria, after consultation with the QCs, for assessment, recognition of prior learning and credit accumulation and transfer.


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