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Creche at Valley of 1000 HillsCharisHealth Wellness is an organisation focused on excellence in the deployment of life saving medicines, term care, and healthcare systems. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life by making vital treatment and afforable care a reality, irrespective of location or personal circumstances.

Bouyed by the research of the BioMonde Group, CharisHealth Wellness endaevours to translate promising medical advances into real world applications, developing care systems to practically apply known solutions, specialised training and in-house research to access and resource limited areas.

In view of the importance of sustainable solutions, CharisHealth Wellnes is working in partnership with non-profit, governmental, commercial, academic and faith-based organizations. We provide an effective, and scalable approach tailored to key local variables in order to realize goals toward community term care and healthcare needs.

While many experts have come to acknowledge the benefits of comprehensive care, few systems have implemented full-scale responses to the chronically ill, impoverished and retirement communities.

CharisHealth Wellness provides an ideal conduit for organisations wishing to establish and partner healthcare and term care facilities in South Africa and neighboring countries. Employing CharisHealth Wellness systems as forumlated and refined by professionals in the USA, Europe and Africa, organisations and developers alike, can hit the ground running with maximum impact. We bring extended working relationships and local experience to assist projects in reaching fruition.

The past offers a landscape of painful lessons. The present is a challenge that calls us to cultivate higher expectations. The future is the bottom line.

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"The ordinary people of the continent and the world -and particularly the poor who on our continent, will again carry a disproportionate burden of this scourge - would, if anybody cared to ask their opinions, wish that the dispute about the primacy of politics or science be put on the backburner and that we proceed to address the needs and concerns of those suffering and dying. And this can only be done in partnership."                 

Nelson Mandela

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